The best self-development books of the decade to read now that the world is fucked.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
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This 2015 book was crucial in my journey to a more creative life beyond fear. We all make fear-based decisions and I believe that our creativity needs to be nurtured and treasured into adulthood. Elizabeth takes the reader on a journey of why we make these decisions and how to stop fucking yourself over and just get on with it. Just start. She weaves the pieces together with storytelling and a compelling narrative to make it an interesting page-turner with strong examples of the moments in life where inspiration rushes in like an unstoppable river and overflows and sometimes overwhelms us with so much fear that we do nothing.
And then the idea leaves us and goes to someone else…

12 Rules to Life by Jordon Peterson
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Love him or hate him you can’t deny that he is an extremely intellectual man. He has some strong no bullshit advice in this book that hits you where you need it most. If you’re down in life and have zero motivation, feel lost, depressed, anxious I cannot recommend this book enough to read while you’re in isolation.

The Barefoot Investor by Scott Page
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Living on the poverty line for my entire twenties with casual and part-time work has taught me many things and one of them is EXTREME budgeting. This has led me to be an innovative cook with potatoes, pasta, and rice and of course, bread. ALL things that are being hoarded right now by the Karen’s of our society.
But this book is not about budgeting, this book is about taking control of your debt and saving for your future. The best part about this practical guide to money management is that regardless of your income you can follow these steps.
Quiet by Susan Cain
31WIY4HzJPL._AC_SY400_ (Custom).jpg

This is the perfect book to read if you are an introvert. There is power in silence, power in introspective thought and power in gentle people standing up and doing extraordinary things (the Chinese man silently protesting in front of tanks leaving Tiananmen Square comes to mind).

The Life Plan by Shannah Kennedy
81C6uFLt6NL._SL1500_ (Custom).jpg

How to organise your life? This book is your go. It seriously is the BEST book to organise your life. This book contains everything from finding out your values, decluttering your life, destructuring your belief system and building it back up again.
Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. When we simplify and minimalise our lives we worry less and can get on with what we really want to do.
This book explores the goals you would like to achieve in your life and how to get out of those awful slumps we all find ourselves in.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Maria Kondo
the-life-changing-magic-of-tidying-up (Custom).jpg

The Konmari Method has taken the WORLD by storm, or should I say fold! This book has the power to completely transform your life on an organisational level and benefit your mental health. If you suffer from anxiety or depression or even just extreme bad habits mixed with a dash of procrastination then your probably living like a peasant trying to make ends meet. What I mean by that is your wardrobe is unorganised, there’s clothes everywhere, the bathroom is a mess of products and scum.. and when was the last time I went through all my paperwork and stationary again?
This book is a non-judgemental, soothing take on how to clean up after yourself and organise your life properly.

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking
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This is a snuggly little cute book full of Hufflepuff and introvert vibes. Hygge is the Danish word for all things cozy. Think warm cups of tea, hot chocolate, thick woolen socks, blankets, candlelight, and a fireplace.
Our environment is so important for our happiness and wellbeing. In modern culture, we have created a home of bright white downlights, blinding screens in the depths of darkness before bed and sharp, white colours. The art of hygge is a softer approach of warm earth tones, dim lamplight, candles and reading, lots and lots of reading.
As a Hufflepuff (and raging introvert) this is my VIIIBE…It’s a book to remind you of the little things and how much happiness they can truly bring.

Miracle Morning for Writers by Hal Alrod and Steve Scott

dd9512e1453b1f901efb5e3215c1c938 (Custom).jpg

You may have heard of the original Miracle Morning which encourages readers to rise at 5am to start their day. If you have a side project or a goal you would like to achieve before your 9-5 this is the claiming miracle. Suddenly, time exists.
BUT sleep is so important and for me personally, 5am starts are a big no, no. I feel like shit, I can’t wake up properly and I’m tired by midday. My sweet spot is around 6-630am and it will be different for others. This book is packed with information regarding a structured writing routine and creating the time to sit down and write uninterrupted. Your book won’t write itself.

Honourable mentions:
Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions by Russell Brand
The Lost Art of Listening by Michael P. Nichols
Irresistible by Adam Alter
The Truth by Neil Strauss
The Mask of Masculinity by Lewis Howes

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