30 Day Yoga Challenge

The practice of daily Yoga is one of my goals for 2015. I’m sitting here at my desk writing this after a 30 minute session on my new yoga mat. As you can see from the first photo I started off using a towel!

Yoga is something that has always made me feel good and something I have always been curious to learn more about. The goal here is not necessarily to get fit or loose weight (I’m already pretty thin) but I’ve never been fit or healthy like I have wanted to be.
I have suffered from a lot of depression and anxiety over the years and I discovered several books and sites on the practice of meditation and yoga. How important being present in your breath is. Feeling what your body is telling you and listening to what it needs, turning into yourself emotionally and psychically to be able to control your thoughts and emotions.yoga 1

I recently discovered a channel on YouTube called “Yoga with Adrienne” and I have been following her 30 Day Challenge everyday now and I can already feel an improvement in my body. The way I sit up straight now without a back ache and my muscles flexed out and ready for the day.

Instead of exhausting me, it’s actually giving me tons of good energy and positivity that I can’t even sleep at night!

My goal this year is to keep this practice up every day.. it’s only 30 minutes and I think we can all find the time for 30 minutes of a quick yoga session, especially when it makes you feel awesome. It gets the blood pumping and the endorphins quick in, injecting us with natures natural high.

This daily practice mixed with a vegan diet has given me a new outlook on life. And for the first month of 2015, I plan on finding my balance. I am an INFP personality type (The Dreamer/Idealist) so I struggle consistently with finding my place and path in life. So having some sort of peace of mind benefits me in tremendous ways.
I challenge you all who are reading this to take 30 minutes out of your day to start yoga, do it today, do it tomorrow. Plan it and start it because you won’t regret this decision and you deserve happiness and positivity.
Nameste my friends.yoga 2

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