Wanderlust: 13/01/14. Dublin, Ireland.

I went to bed really early last night because I was so tired from the weekend, my legs hurt from horse riding and there are blisters on both my ring fingers.
I got a good sleep until about 3:30-4am when people including Caitlan came home from clubbing and some fucking wanker was shaking the walls with his snoring. I was ready to murder him.
But I got up early for breakfast so a positive came out of it at least. They aren’t here tonight thank god, they’ve either checked out or changed rooms.
I just got back from a night out on a Monday, it’s about 1:30am and I can hear people cheering and singing “Hey Jude” on the streets outside. This is Dublin, Ireland.

No one sleeps and everyone is constantly drunk. We went out with an American girl, Rhianna, who is staying in out room, she’s cool and has lots of tats and wears lots of rings, a Canadian music manager named Rich and an attractive Wales man named Jack.  I was talking to Jack and I thought maybe I had a chance but he was more interested in the little Spanish girl Andrea.
Then Rhianna and Rich coupled up too.. I felt upset and then realised I was being ridiculous, but I was ready to leave and Caitlan and I left.
We were stopped a couple times because of Caitlan’s ‘assets’, but now here I am lying here listening to people sing “Hey Jude” on the street while Caitlan is out talking to Kris and I am completely alone.
It’s at a point now where it makes me both happy and sad.  If anything this trip has made me realise how much I hate other people and made me realise that I need to follow my dreams.
Charlotte got a tattoo today, I need to get mine.

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