Wanderlust: Australia to France.


8/12/13 Adelaide, Australia

Lucky Number 8.

The plane just took off and I am at a window seat looking out across the ocean as the land slowly fades from view. We are climbing higher and higher and now the ocean is distant and the land is becoming a spec on the horizon. it still hasn’t hit me that I’m doing this, embarking on this journey completely alone. As if to reiterate this point no one sits next to me on this 7 and a half hour journey to Kuala Lumpur.

The view up in the air is spectacular. Adelaide is so small and it makes me feel even smaller. But I feel free and happy. Something about planes has always excited me. Ever since I was a little kid. I have always pointed to the sky as jets, planes and helicopters flew over Yorke Peninsula. I didn’t know where they wree going and that was the most exciting part.

Charlotte has helped me with everything on this journey, from driving me around everywhere I need to go, dropping me off at the airport and helping me pack my itinerary. Jade came to the airport to surprise me, but she was too late and I was already through customs. So she called me while we were seperate through the glass.

It was like I was a fish in a bowl, it still hadn’t hit me that this journey was happening. Perhaps when I am in Paris, standing in front of the Effel Tower, watching the snow fall around me I will smile and think “I am here, I did this.”

The sun is shining through my window, warming my arm. I can still see the land below, perfectly cut out brown shapes, fitting together like tetris. It’s beautiful.

8/12/13 Kuala Lumpur. In The Air.

I’m looking out over the vast abyss of endless white clouds and specs of land peeking through up to the heavens. I am in another country. I’ve never even left Australia before and now i am in another country. I can’t help but smile over that. My diary smells like Charlotte’s perfume that she placed in my “just in case” package. Even though she’s not here, she somehow is stil lwith me. We are descending now through the while clouds to the land below! OHAY!

I have an 8 hour stop over in which I can have a little exploration and get my bearings straight until my next flight on to Paris, France.

8/12/13 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Airport 7:13pm

kaula lumpur waterfall

I’ve been at this airport since 2pm local time waiting to catch my 10:55pm flight to Paris and it honestly hasn’t been that bad. I made a friend who is learning Chinese, Natalie. She’s staying at a hotel while she waits for her connection flight to China. I just stayed at the airport, wondering around, using the free WiFi and contemplating spending $99AUS on a watch (I came to my senses and didn’t) I can buy a cheap watch in Paris, surely! I used to have my blue waterproof watch but the battery died and before I could replace them I was on a plane leaving the country. It’s crazy how much of a universal language English is. You don’t realize it until you step foot in another country. There is the mother tongue and then English is plastered everywhere. Well, it is an airport 😉

I wish I’d taken my USB on the plane so I could charge my phone up while I’m flying. Lesson learnt for the flight home.

8/12/13 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 11pm

About to board the flight to Paris after almost a 9 hour stop over, I nearly fell asleep on the bench at one point. There are people speaking French around me, obviously on their way home, they seem excited. After spending 9 hours at this airport I am also very excited to leave. It’s getting colder now, they have the glass doors open. I’m tired, I think I will probably sleep on the plane, but I DO NOT want to miss teh view taking off or landing in Paris OR food on the flight for that matter. I wonder if I will sit next to anyone this time, there seems to be a lot more people going on this flight than the first one to Malaysia. 

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