Wanderlust: Paris, The Louvre

On the Friday I went to the Louvre and wow that museum is incredible.  The rooms are so huge and the great Roman inspired statues are mind blowing.  It was no Versailles but it was still crazy and I saw the famous glass pyramids and Mona Lisa Painting.  I was there all day before coming home before dark, I don’t really want to be out in Paris by myself at night, as amazing as this city is, it’s intense, dirty and riddled with pickpockets and crime.
mona lisaparis lourve
I have been lucky to not experience any yet and I’m not about to take my chances, majority of people speak a little English I haven’t got lost either.  That night while I was having dinner a girl (French Canadian) sat down next to me and she was a sweetheart.  We started drinking and the night prevailed on to drunkess and me working up with a Robert Pattinson look alike named Darcy who I had had a four hour conversation with that morning about games, movies and music,
All my passions, I don’t meet people you click with like that very often so it was nice.
room the lourve
I stumbled to bed from the underground nightclub and did nothing but organise my trip to Rouen the next day to see Caitlan.  I said goodbye to my Turkish friend, who had been staying in my room and bought me drinks the past few nights.  I have met so many people over this past week it’s just incredible, I can barely keep up!
paris the lourve
At this point everything was settled with Kris and Charlotte had calmed me down making me realise that Nathan had no right to say the things he said to me and that it was unnecessary aggression and Kris was worked up.  It appeared to be true cause it had all smoothed over now.  Charlotte always knows what to say and makes me a better person, I have massive trust issues with people due to my past but with Charlotte I’ve begun to build bridges instead of walls and let her into the deepest and darkest parts of my soul that no one has witnessed without being afraid of being judged or left anymore, because she’s not going to judge me and she’s not going to leave me and that is something I have never truly had before.

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