Wanderlust: Rouen, France

Caitlan and Chantelle (French Mum)

On Sunday I left Paris for the night to visit Caitlan and her host mum in the town of Rouen, France (Normandy).  It’s a beautiful place.
On the train ride it was peaceful listening to music and watching the scenery change from busy suburban streets to the country side of France.  It was so beautiful and so green, it turns out the grass is quite green on the other side.  But watching all the tractors, utes, livestock and farming people zoom by on the train was mesmerizing.  This was everyday life for them and I thought it was spectacular, I felt like I had brand new eyes like a child seeing something for the very first time and how these people probably had days like I did where they couldn’t be bothered going to work or even getting out of bed but the difference is that they pushed past it and did. And I thought about how they would come to my country and maybe even think the same thing.

Rouen, France

I arrived in Rouen and gave Caitlan a flying leap hug! She took me for a walk around her town, showed me the amazing cathedrals, where Joan of Arc was burned and the cute little Christmas markets.  Then I met her French mum in her little apartment and she was just an absoilute beautiful soul.  Her little apartment in the green countryside, with a small balcony and cute little vintage furniture everywhere was a place I had always dreamed of living and writing my books and being a journalist/publisher/editor.  Maybe even having a little recording place set up for my music with a piano and guitar.  Ugh this desire I have to have that is overwhelming!
I have to do that in my life. I have too.

Rouen France

As night fell Caitlan took me out and showed me the Christmas markets again, but it was buzzing at night and lit up all over town.  Little stalls everywhere outside the tiny buildings and huge cathedral.  Just amazing, amazing, amazing!
When we got back Chantelle (French mum) had started making dinner and Caitlan told her IN FRENCH how I had tried hot wine.  Caitlan is so good at French, it’s fascinating to watch and listen too.
Her and Chantelle were just speaking in French constantly.  Chantelle served us a meal of snails, Frog Legs, cheese and wine and chocolate fudge cake.  It was so amazing and snails and frog legs are actually delicious. WHAT?
Never thought I’d say that but they are and I’m glad I got to try them, the poor little things.
We went to bed and the next day (today!) Chantelle took us up to the top of the Rouen mountain for the view and explained everything about the town with Caitlan helping translate.  She spoke of how Rouen has always been industrial with wheat and barley silos being shipped and sugar.
France is so rich with history, it’s truly incredible.  It was even bombed during the war and was rebuilt again..
Kind of poetic considering my current battle with what I want to do with my life. The trouble with me is that I’m interested in everything yet committed to nothing.
I’ve got the eye of the tiger but the sped of a sloth! I hope this trip allows me to figure out my life.  Because I don’t want to waste another minute!
Now I’m back at the hostel and I think tomorrow I’m going to visit the Catacombs of France which will be terrifying but exciting all the same and I’ll probably make a video about it.

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