Spiritualistic vs Materialistic: The Centre

Living in a fast paced world we forget to take care of ourselves first. If you picture a bicycle wheel in your mind, with you at the centre and spurring out from the centre are spokes around a wheel, in between these spokes are the outside worlds that we have to be a part of. For example; work, family, friends, money, study etc.
These traits are all very important but if you take one of these out the bicycle wheel still spins okay. If you rip out the centre (yourself) everything collapses, nothing functions without YOU.
You are the most important person in the entire universe, because you exist and you are made from the very fragments of atoms that were once stars.
Make sure you check in with yourself, your being and your spirituality at least once a day.
I have found that taking the time (at least 5 minutes) to centre myself, either on my yoga matt, on the couch or outside and drinking a nice cup of tea or closing my eyes and doing a light meditation has comforted and soothed me with many problems and emotions I have faced this year, and it’s only been three months so far.
Leave your phone, laptop, computer and just take the time, they are all still going to be there when you are done in 5 minutes.
Forwarding your spiritual life rather than your materialistic one is the purest element of your true happiness.
The two most important elements in your own life are your health and your happiness and when these are in check everything else outside of yourself falls into place and fits nicely.
I have found the daily practice of yoga has strengthened me not only physically but mentally as well. Getting in touch with my breath and grounding myself in the present moment has been one of the most simplest yet mind opening experiences I have ever done in my little quarter of a century life.
If I’m good and full of positive energy, then so is everything else around me.

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