Writing a novel in one month.

Nanowrimo is the national novel writing month and it’s something I have wanted to participate in for over five years.
I have set myself a goal of 500words per day which equates to 15 thousand words in 30 days, the general goal is usually 50 thousand.

Here is my pledge for the month of November:
I acknowledge that November will be a busy time but I pledge to take the time each morning to write out my novel for one hour between 6-7am each day. I acknowledge obstacles along the way. Unmotivation and self-doubt and triggers such as the internet (no internet while working). I will hold myself accountable and document my journey when I feel it necessary to do so.  I am excited to form a good writing habit and will not shame myself if I miss my time during the morning. Life can be busy and it’s important to be flexible and adjust when needed. Join in on the community and enjoy the experience of writing alone and with others.

I have three separate novel ideas swimming around in my head and it makes it so difficult to choose one to write in November. I have written out the pros and cons list, asked for advice, tried everything to settle on one idea but still to no avail. Fellow aspiring writers tell me, “just go with your heart, go with the one that is calling you.”

Out of three, two of them are fiction. One is a sci-fi/YA series that I really need to sit down and map out before I begin the quest, the other is a Fantasy/Supernatural/Thriller/YA which I also really need to sit down and map out the plot and develop the characters (writing takes work).
The third is a non-fiction book which centres around personal development. I study sociology at Griffith University and have taken a keen interest in youth and well-being. Having lived through some pretty tough times I feel it necessary to share experiences with other humans who may be struggling. I am no expert in the field of ‘self-help’ or anything along those lines but I do know what it’s like to be a depressed mess, have feelings of doubt and guilt as an artist, watch your dreams die. Wasted dreams, wasted opportunities, wasted money, wasted time all because you don’t believe in yourself and you prioritise the wrong things.

So after writing that I think I will be writing a non-fiction book for the first time, which both excites and terrifies me!

I have a working title but won’t reveal the details yet. It’s a novel based on the struggles of youth, think of it as a witty self-help book for 18-25-year-olds who have no idea what the fuck is going on in adult life.  I aim to have a mixture of research (thanks sociology), humour, sadness and general happiness throughout the book.

It’s so difficult to choose a novel but I owe it to myself to try out one idea at least for a month, otherwise, I will never start any of them and reach 30 with no books published and think “wasted dreams, wasted opportunities, wasted money, wasted time.”

  • Haley


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2 Replies to “Writing a novel in one month.”

  1. I am writing my first novel, something I have always wanted to do and feared at the same time. I like your pledge, I will do the same! I have written about 15 chapters so far in my thriller/suspense/mystery novel, and already have a followup novel ready to write when I finish that one. I am also writing some nonfiction eBooks related to marketing. I feel ya with the many ideas and projects at the same time. Good luck and thank you for sharing and inspiring 🙂


    1. Oh wow that’s so inspiring! Are you participating in nano? Let’s connect on Instagram or something and try and share our progress with each other and encourage each other to keep going. I keep telling myself that although November is busy I can spare at least 25-one hour each day to my creative endeavours.


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