That’s a wrap! Books of 2016.

We say this every year "can you believe 2016 is nearly over?" Well I can, it's been a crazy year for me. Here's some books I read along the way that helped me with depression and adjusting to new life and also some fun reads and old classics worth revisiting.


I can't remember arriving to work because I wasn't paying attention. I know the road far too well to plan it to perfection. I don't know the date, but it's been 52 weeks of reflection. My existence in the hands of this world.   I felt it when I left High School, who am I …

Living in a van

I lived in a van for a month and it was a strange feeling being homeless but at home. I was exactly where I wanted to be, minimalistic living and in nature. Here is the first video of the experience, just click the highlighted writing and enjoy the first part. Atomic Sunflowers - Van Life


Is all we seem but a dream within a dream? I wake, shivering with sweat. The sun has not risen yet and the night is still. It’s raining outside and I look to my window. The rain is upside down in this world in the sky, in the clouds, in the trees. They're not trees, …

It Burns.

It burns. And I shower to make it stop but all I can think about is the touch of his skin against mine. Why, why, why does my body ache under the weight of the water? Will I ever feel clean again, the fragile hair on my arm sticks up against the cool night air …