Wanderlust: Catacombes, Paris, France.


The underground “tombs” of Paris were something I had never seen before.  An overwhelming number of bones, bodies, abandoned souls laid to rest in bizarre patterns and stacked high to the roof of the cave.  All once people, walking and breathing the same air.  I should have purchased a guide audio to listen too throughout the cave but it was an extra 4 Euro to listen to the history as you walked and I figured I could just look it up online later.

But it was intense, a city of bones and it was dark and dripping, some skulls even had frost on their structures.  Who were all these people? I met an older guy in queue who had lived all over the world and now settled in Paris for the past year because he was staying at a monastery and naturally I was immediately intrigued.  We began talking about spirituality. the mind and how we are all connected to everything that exists in one way or another.

How wonderful it must be to go on such a spiritual journey of self discovery.  I would love to do that one day rather then just practice yoga, read mind and soul books and meditate, but to actually visit a place of spiritual practice and learn from masters of the creft.  What a privilege and honour that would be. Perhaps if I travel to Thailand or India someday. I’d really like that.


Tomorrow I think I will travel out to the gardens of Paris to relax, write a few song ideas out and begin creating my plans for the future and my goals etc. But mainly just relax.  I found myself today thinking about how wonderful it would be to have a lover/partner to share this experience with.  I met an American couple today who just got engaged on the Eiffel Tower. Classic!

But I find myself feeling lonely at times now, that will probably change once I start travelling with Caitlan, maybe.  But I’ve always felt this sense of loneliness, even when in a relationship.  I miss being in love, I remember the wonderful feeling and I wish I could find someone again.. But at the same time it is lovely to go away by myself and experience this trip on my own at my own pace.  Maybe I should mingle in the bar tonight and chat with more people. But small talk isn’t for me. I miss my ‘casual’ conversations with Georgia. She’s on the same wave length as me when it comes to discussing and analyzing music, movies, TV shows, lyrics, art… Why they wrote that, what they were thinking when they created that, why they created that.  She’s the only person I’ve met that I can stay up with till 5am discussing why Metallica wrote Nothing Else Matters or how Jared Leto can be both a successful actor and rock-star. Or why Katy Perry is so inspirational with her struggle to be somebody.

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