Posts and pages HELP!

Hey guys.. so I have been trying to redesign my website for the past week now, reading article after article and watching video after video on how to post POSTS to different pages you have set up.
For example.. if i want to have a travel section on my blog with a drop down menu (i’ve done this) but i can’t put the posts ABOUT travel in that section of the page.
It will all just go to the homepage, even when i make the catergories and make it the parent it still won’t load onto the page.
I have been reading about coding and I think i might have to manually code the site to have the posts on that particular page on the website.
But does anybody have a simpler way to do this?
Your help will be greatly appreciated!

2 Replies to “Posts and pages HELP!”

    1. Thank you for the reply Rachel 🙂 i tried to add a category page but perhaps i was doing it wrong because my posts just wouldnt appear on the page i wanted it too. I will look at the forums to see if i can find a better answer 🙂 thank you so much x


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