2016 Promises.

Make promises, not resolutions – Haley Lauren.

I dislike New Year’s resolutions because most people set themselves up for failure. Every year I see the same old posts of “this year was shit, bring on the New Year.”
Please promise yourself that this year you will change that little voice. Do it with me, lets be the change we want to see.
If you’re not an active, motivated goal ticking person you are not going to fulfill your resolutions and you are going to be disappointed, instead make promises. Promises you know you can keep and work on them everyday for the rest of your life.

1. Practice kindness to yourself and those around you everyday.
2. Learn about producing music so you can record and release your original music. Even if it’s not great at first, keep practicing and encouraging yourself everyday.
3. Produce, create and release my album exactly as I dream it –– nothing less. Aesthetically, artistically and beautifully.
4. Publish at least one of the stories I have written, even if it’s not done by a professional publishing house. Self-publish it, release chapters on Watt-Pad. Just do it.
5. Make new and interesting friendships with diverse people.
6. Build a wonderful relationship with Mark and love and encourage him everyday.
7. Spend more time outside; less time inside; all my time completely in the present. Be home wherever I am.
8. Work, work, work. Get up early and work harder than last year, save as much money as you can to invest in yourself, your learning, books, music, meditation, yoga classes. Expand.
9. Deepen my practice with Yoga and meditation, commit to it. Time doesn’t exist.
10. Study a publishing and editing Masters course to help with my own personal creations and understand the business and marketing side of the industry.
11. Launch forth into the deep with writing, burn up every word and practice every single day. Enter more SA Writers Competitions, be more vigilant and just do it. You gotta be in it to win it.
12. Create content every single day. Whether it be an article on my blog, a video, music, a piece of writing, meditation. Just create.
13. Learn more about guitar and become a better player.
14. Purchase a MIDI keyboard to learn piano again and set up a little studio to record songs at home.
15. Take care of myself first, make sure I’m fit and healthy and everything else will be in balance too.

Dream it, plan it, achieve it 💪

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