Wanderlust: Bali. Canguu.

I’m sitting here in Canggu, Bali. It’s 31°c with a cool breeze and nature is breathing around me. I can hear construction in the distance, scooters going faster than they should and chickens crowing.
I’m at a place called The Farm, yes the farm. It makes me giggle because I grew up on a farm and here I am on a place called the farm surrounded by chickens, farm land and a beagle dog named Taco who lies like this with his back legs behind him and chews on every single thing he can find because he’s only a puppy.

Taco. The Farm beagle.

Aryo, the Indonesian guy who runs The Farm, is amazing. He has been so welcoming of everybody and patient with teaching those who want to ride scooters.
I haven’t rode a scooter yet, I find it quite terrifying and because everybody drives like crazy here, road rules do not exist but everyone is courteous on the road and beep when they are passing you.
It’s its own style of driving.
I’m starting to understand it more and perhaps after a few days I will give the scooter a try. For now I have been hoping on the back of scooters which is also scary because I’m not in control.
But hey it’s either one or the other and at the moment the latter suits me just fine.
Upon arrival I hired a bicycle, for $2 Australian, and roamed around the area with a new friend Carly.

Here’s what I have learnt so far:
1. It smells like piss and shit in some places
2. There is rubbish and litter everywhere, filled with construction every 100 or so meters.
3. There are local gems for restaurants that will charge you $2 Australian for a large plate of veggies and rice (extra for meat)
4. There are literally dogs everywhere, in restaurants, all over the street.
5. Only drink bottled water and be aware of what you are putting into your body. Some meat might not be chicken if you know what I’m sayin’.
6. The Indonesian people are extremely nice and will help you, especially if you can speak a little of the language. I’ve been warned that they try to “rip you off” aka “give me $5 instead of $2” but here in Canggu where it’s not a party town that hasn’t been the case.
7. You will sweat all day, forever, so ladies don’t even bother putting the make up on. Save it for another day.
8. 50+ sunblock is a god send, the sun is hot and heavy here in Canggu and if you’re spending all day surfing and swimming at the local beach you definitely want a good quality sunscreen and to really lather it onto your skin 3-4 times a day. Everyone wants a tan I get it, but no one wants skin cancer. Be smart and safe.
9. Money is very easy to work out and if your savvy you can live on under $10 a day.

That’s 9 things I’ve learnt so far and some of them are pretty common knowledge but it isn’t real until it’s right in front of you and you’re seeing and smelling it with all your senses.
Feel free to watch the video so far of the adventure, there will be more to come, I’m here for a while.
– Haley Lauren.

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