The Fox at the party.

My veins are blue and connected in every single nerve and my heart pulses to the rhythm of my breath.
My skin is white and my blood is red, just like you, one in the same.
But I sit in the corner, the wild observer of the night.
The one who listens instead of speaks.
The one who whispers instead of shouts.
But my bark is wild and I am fast and cunning.
I will disappear into the night and they will not ask about where I am.
They will not notice I am gone.
But I am quick, I am cunning and I am a Fox.
I can hear every conversation in my corner and slip into every speech without missing a beat.
I can hear the political debates, the complaints, the discussions, the laughter, the music blaring from the speakers.
I hum along to the lyrics, wondering what the artist was thinking about when they wrote that piece.
Why they wrote it.
The beat of the drum.
If they ever dreamed that their music would be played at a party of lost puppies with a Fox sitting in the corner.
I see them lapping up their liquids in plastic cups as the night thickens and poetic speeches become drunken slurs and puppies are falling over each other now and biting each others faces.
And here I am wishing it was me, but thankful that it isn’t.
I exit a conversation that bores me and sleek across the room into the darkness.
Nobody notices I am gone, I am a Fox and I disappear into the night.
The morning will come and I will shrug and say, “I went to bed,” upon the question of my whereabouts.
But I will lie to them.
For in truth, I wondered fields in the darkness until my eyes adjusted and gazed up at the night sky witnessing tiny specs of stardust shining down on our insignificant discussions questioning “is this it?”
“Is this all there fucking is?”
“Am I cursed with being a Fox instead of a puppy?”
But my mind is lifted when I hear the cricket choir in the background underneath the harvest moon and sway to my step as the thumping artificial music fades along with the barking of the puppies.
Sometimes movement walks past and I stand still, invisible to passing eyes.
I hear my name but stay silent.
I do not wish to be found.
Leave me be with my thoughts about other planets and lost stars.
My veins are blue and connected in every single nerve and my heart pulses to the rhythm of my own breath.
I am here.
I am alive.

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